SIAM CSE 2023 Minisymposium

Bridging the Gap from HPC Software Engineering to Academic Research

Wednesday and Thursday, March 1-2, 2023

Room G107, RAI Congress Centre | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organizers: Keita Teranishi, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Jeffrey Young, Georgia Institute of Technology; Alessandro Orso, Georgia Institute of Technology

Efforts like the US Exascale Computing Program (ECP) have focused on accelerating scientific codes for next-generation HPC systems as well as bringing modern software engineering practices to these applications. Efforts like ECP focus large amounts of developer resources on a few important codebases, but a much larger body of scientific and research codes do benefit from the same attention, especially in terms of making codes accessible, interoperable, and reliable. This minisymposium will engage a set of expert panelists and the audience in understanding how we can bring best practices for software engineering to the wider audience of scientific software developers.

Presenter Slides and Citation

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Example text citation: Sameer Shende, “E4S Extreme-Scale Scientific Stack”, SIAM CSE 2023 Minisymposium on Bridging the Gap from HPC Software Engineering to Academic Research, Amsterdam, NE. 2023. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.22200835.v1

Bibtex citation (can also be pulled from FigShare for each presentation):

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Event Agenda

Wednesday, March 1st; 4:00 PM – 5:40 PM; MS217

SpeakerTalk TitleSpeaker AffiliationCoauthors
Sameer ShendeE4S Extreme-Scale Scientific Stack [Slides]University of Oregon, U.S.
David E. BernholdtOutreach for Better Scientific Software: The IDEAS Productivity Project [Slides]Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.
Irina K. TezaurAchieving and Maintaining Performance and Performance Portability Within the Albany Multi-Physics Code: Perspectives and Tools [Slides]Sandia National Laboratories, U.S.1
Micron Technology, U.S.2
TSMC, Taiwan3
Max Carlson1, Jerry Watkins1, Mauro Perego1, Kyle Shan2, Carolyn Kao3, Kim Liegois1
C├ędric ChevalierContinuous deployment on HPC clusters using Spack [Slides]CEA, FranceFranck Ledoux, Jordan Galby, Julien Racine

Thursday, March 2nd; 9:45 AM-11:25 AM; MS254

SpeakerTalk TitleSpeaker AffiliationCoauthors
Ignacio LagunaTesting and Debugging for Numerical Exceptions in GPU Scientific Applications [Slides]Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.
University of Utah, U.S.2
Tanmay Tirpankar2, Xinyi Li2,
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan2
Daniel SchemmelConstraint-Based Testing for Floating-Point Code: Challenges and Opportunities [Slides]Imperial College London, UKCristian Cadar
Mark GatesEnsuring Reliability in Next-generation Linear Algebra Libraries [Slides]University of Tennessee-Knoxville, U.S
KAUST, Saudi Arabia2
Asim YarKhan, Dalal Sukkari, Sebastien Cayrols, Daniel R. Bielich, Jack J. Dongarra, Kadir Akbudak2
Terry CojeanContinuous Testing and Benchmarking in a HPC Sparse Linear Algebra Software [Slides]Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DEHartwig Anzt