Scientific Software Engineering Center – 2024 Workshop

Sustainable Software in Academia

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM

This workshop, hosted in collaboration with Georgia Tech’s new Open Source Program Office, focused on sharing the latest information on several related efforts related to developing and maintaining sustainable research software projects and communities. From the conception of the initial research idea, this workshop explored the steps from initial software prototype to publication with a focus on Georgia Tech-specific best practices and resources that can help you to create your next great software project. Specific sessions by SSE software engineers demonstrated the capabilities of the center as well as provided tips on how to quickly improve your existing scientific software project. Attendees also had the opportunity to discuss challenges faced in terms of research software and deployments in an open panel session.

Speaker Materials and Recordings

Please see this Figshare collection for all the speaker slides. Specific talk slides and videos of talks are also linked in the agenda below.

If you would like to share some of the speaker insights in your own work, we encourage you to use Figshare’s DOI mechanism to cite specific presentations. Note that each presentation has a “Cite” button you can use to get a plain text or BibTex reference. Presentations are shared as CC BY-SA-4.0 which requires attribution for use.

Workshop Agenda

Time (EDT)SpeakerTalk Title
8:00 Breakfast
8:30Jeffrey Young
Co-Director, SSE Center
SSE Center Update & Overview [Slides] [Video]
9:00Fang Liu
Co-Director, GT Open Source Program Office
Introduction to Georgia Tech’s OSPO
[Slides] [Video]
9:30Michael Varon
Senior Licensing Associate 
Working with the Office of Technology Licensing [Slides] [Video]
10:30Irfan Essa
Senior Associate Dean of Computing
Intersection of AI Hubs and Software Engineering
11:00Suresh Marru
Director, Center for Artificial Intelligence in Science and Engineering (ARTISAN)
Introduction to ARTISAN [Slides] [Video]
11:30Dave Brownell
Head of Engineering, SSE Center
How to Introduce Software Engineering into Your Research Project [Slides] [Video]
12:00 PMLunch and Learn
12:30Panelists: Dave Brownell, Kate Rachwal, Robin Fievet
Moderator: Jeffrey Young
Open/Panel Discussion – Challenges for Software Sustainability in Academia [Slides]
1:30Dave Brownell
Head of Engineering, SSE Center
Demo – Python Project Bootstrapper
[Repo] [Video]
2:00Discussion & Closing Remarks